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Our mission
To promote living well and independently through community engagement and neighborly support.
Welcome to the Newburyport Village!
What is most important for your happiness in the future? Is it family? Friends? Travel? Autonomy? New experiences? Perhaps your community or your church? When you think about what you need in your life to ensure your happiness, and make your decisions accordingly, we hope the Village is part of your solution!

ho We Are
The Greater Newburyport Village is a nonprofit, membership organization powered by volunteers. We are part of a national movement that believes we each have a choice about how and where we grow old. To support our members' life choices during this remarkable time of life, the Village:
  • Offers shared social, cultural, and educational experiences.
  • Builds community, turning the challenges of growing older into opportunities for new experiences, growth, and satisfaction.
  • Arranges for neighborly help at home and transportation when needed to successfully navigate the transitions of aging. 
We hope you will join our congenial and supportive community as a member, volunteer, or both. It will expand your horizons and refresh your outlook. See you soon!

Note that direct face-to-face services and activities have been suspended during the pandemic.

Greater Newburyport Village is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization.


Our Village is a member of the Village to Village Network,
a national organization which provides information, encouragement and peer support to
similar villages in 200+ communities across the country.