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Do you see yourself in one of these member testimonials? Being part of the Village is about being yourself and living well in the comfort of your own home with a little help from others when you need it.

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Who Joins the Village?
Roughly 80% of the population of the Greater Newburyport Village is comprised of members in their 60s and 70s with older members comprising the remaining 20%. Satisfied members provided the testimonials below.

Stefanie and Fred: "We joined the Greater Newburyport Village as Charter Members because we think this organization will be good for Newburyport. We like the idea of joining with a group of like-minded people to create interesting events, offer volunteer services to help older members stay in their own homes, and eventually receive services ourselves. We learned recently, after a bout of back and knee troubles, how useful it can be to have some temporary neighborly help when needed. We are very glad to have the chance to be a part of the founding of a village for the greater Newburyport area."

Kathleen: "I don’t have family in Massachusetts, and many of my closest friends live at least 30 miles away. So, sometimes I worry about how I would manage if a sudden illness or accident meant that I couldn’t fend for myself - either on a long or short term basis. And even if life doesn’t throw me that curve ball, eventually I will need some help. So: should I pack up and move closer to family, or relocate to one of those “senior communities” that have a basic support network already in place?  But that would mean leaving behind my independence and privacy and the things I love about this area - the natural beauty, history, and great community organizations. NO WAY! Instead, I decided to become part of the Village. I’m committed to building a strong Village so that we can help folks now, and ensure that the Village will be here when I need it. And I get tremendous satisfaction from “paying it forward."

Kate: "With retirement approaching, my friends and I contemplated “previews of coming attractions.” Some we happily anticipated: the end of long commutes and the flexibility to make choices about how to spend each day. But we also knew of the challenges faced by many older family members and friends, and we imagined ourselves in their situations - how would we manage? Who/what would be there for us?

I had heard about the Village movement and thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was one in Newburyport? For awhile, I contemplated leaving this area and moving closer to family in another state; I dismissed that as an option - why leave this wonderful community with all it has to offer? Plus, having family nearby doesn’t guarantee that they can help with my needs, and I wouldn’t want to impose, I’d feel obligated to reciprocate - it’s complicated!  

I started looking for ways to “pay it forward”:  what can I do now that contributes to building a support network I’ll surely need some day? The Northern Essex Elder Transport has been a great way to help folks who need transportation to medical appointments, and working as a Village Builder to help create a network of community support is, for me, is a no-brainer. I’ve become a Charter Member."


Greater Newburyport Village is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) membership organization.


Our Village is a member of the Village to Village Network,
a national organization which provides information, encouragement and peer support to
similar villages in 200+ communities across the country.