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Who can join the Village?
The Village welcomes members who are residents of Newburyport, Newbury, West Newbury, Amesbury, and Salisbury. Most members are over age 55 because the Village movement's intent is to support older adults as they age in place. Those residing in other nearby communities are welcome to apply for membership but they may have fewer volunteer resources available to provide services. 
What does it cost?
Dues are $300.00 for an individual and $450.00 for a household. Renewing members receive a $25 reduction in dues: $275 for an individual and $425 for a household. 
Why are there membership dues? Where does the money go?
While all Village services and programs are managed by volunteers and members, there are many costs associated with running a nonprofit community organization. Costs for required insurance policies, printing, hosting a website, sending mailings to members, having an office phone, renting space for activities, and Village social events - these all require an operations budget. The Village sets membership dues as low as possible to provide the services that members want.
Why should I join the Village now while I’m in good health instead of waiting until I actually need services?

The Village offers more than services. Here are some examples:

  • Even if you are in good health and do not need help at home, you may discover ways the Village can help you: setting up a new smart TV, doing yard clean-up, or checking your home while you are away to ensure nothing is amiss.
  • Many members join the Village to enjoy the frequent social events and dinners; to make new friends; to attend educational, recreational, and cultural activities; and to expand their social network of like-minded, active people with similar interests who live nearby.
  • Others join because they wish to support the Village’s services to the community as a whole.
  • And some join as a sort of insurance policy in case unexpectedly they need some help. Sooner or later the time will come, perhaps suddenly, when we need help in order to continue living in our own homes. If we sign up now, we know that support will be there from staff and members we have come to know. In the meantime, we can enjoy other Village members and services, provide our families with peace of mind about our well-being, and perhaps help members of our community by volunteering with the Village.
How is the Village different from the Newburyport Senior Center and Council on Aging?
The local Councils on Aging (COA) provide important services to seniors. We are pleased to work jointly with the Senior Center in Newburyport for our Village Talks and other events. The Village fills in gaps with services such as transportation to evening activities and to locations that COA resources do not cover. Village members also have access to a range of Good Neighbor Volunteer services that help with household challenges, and to social, educational, and cultural opportunities.
I’m new in town. Will the Village help me get settled?
Yes! Very quickly you will make new friends, learn about opportunities in the area, and get help with something that is often very difficult for new residents: how to find a good plumber or electrician in an emergency! And you will start feeling connected with the community right from the start.
How can I apply to join the Village?
There are several ways. You can call the Village phone line at 978-206-1821, email us at, or apply online from this page: Apply Now!
What does it mean to be a “member-driven” organization?
The phrase “member-driven” means that the Village is designed to meet the specific needs and desires of its members. We began building the Village by surveying thousands of area residents to ascertain what they would like the Village to do for them. And we continue to gather information by routinely communicating with our members to ensure we respond to current needs.
Can I join as an individual member, or does my spouse have to join too?
Yes, you can join as an individual. Spouses are of course invited to join as well at the special household dues.
Can I sign up my parents as members?
Yes! Families often want the reassurance of knowing that the Village can make it easier for their loved ones to stay in their homes and neighborhoods. You may assist your parents to join, and may make a gift of the dues payment, but since they themselves will be the members, they do need to be involved in the application process.
I’m nervous about letting strangers in my house. How can I trust the volunteers who come to help me?
We do not want you to worry about that!

Not just anyone can become a Village volunteer. We perform background checks and give training to our volunteers. Village policies and procedures do everything possible to ensure your safety and satisfaction with all services received.
What do you mean by “recommended professionals" for home repairs and services?
We refer Village members only to professionals who have been recommended by other Village members and whose licenses have been verified. This is the Village’s Vendor Referral Program.
What kinds of regular events are there? A book group, a walking group – things like that?
The Greater Newburyport Village is member-driven and therefore services are tailored to the particular needs and wants of our members. One of the benefits of membership is the opportunity to find others with similar interests through the Village website and newsletters. Members can also tell us what their interests are and we will share information with other members to help organize groups and activities members enjoy most.

Social Activities
We host monthly talks at the Senior Center, schedule monthly dining events, plan guided nature walks lead by our area's experts, avail members to field trips to museums and other places of interest, and plan special events such as holiday celebrations and summer barbeques. We also offer a number of member-led interest groups such as movies, walking, painting, and bocce that meet regularly year-round or seasonally. Click here for details.
Can the Village help in an emergency?
The Village can often address a need on short notice. But in a medical or other emergency, the first call should still be to 911 or your physician. The Village can, however, help in many ways if your circumstances change. For example, we can find volunteers to pick up prescriptions, run an errand, or simply drop in to chat. 
Are my membership dues tax-deductible?
While the IRS generally specifies that membership dues are not tax-deductible because services are received in return for dues, the Greater Newburyport Village is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization, and therefore gifts and donations are fully tax deductible. Donations can be made in support of development and operating expenses, to subsidize memberships, or in honor of or remembrance of someone. Here is a link to Donations.
Is all information about me kept confidential and secure?
Yes, all information about members is strictly confidential. The files are in a locked, secure location, and the secure computer database is password protected.
Our Village is a member of the Village to Village Network,
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