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Why Baby Boomers are Joining Villages

Published on 12/4/2017
Washington Post: Baby Boomers Join 'Aging-At-Home Villages' for Yoga, Happy Hour and Biking by Annie Groer


On November 29, 2017, the Washington Post ran an interesting article under the headline “Baby Boomers Join 'Aging-At-Home Villages' for Yoga, Happy Hour and Biking.” The writer interviewed many people in Villages across the country and in the Village to Village national organization.


The article points out how most Villages began with the goal of people helping each other out as they age at home—the many services Villages such as ours provide their members who need a little extra help. As Villages have grown, however, more and more of the “active 50-plus set” are joining for reasons other than needing services. A Village in Washington, D.C. calls these members NextGen 2.0.

Activities attracting members to Villages make a long list, including hiking, wine tasting, potluck dining, playing cards, walking, going to movies, knitting, book clubs, and much more. As our own Village grows and expands, we too hope to add new activities and events. Come to the Town Hall at the Newburyport Senior/Community Center on January 6, 2018, to tell us your interests!


You can find the full article online at this link.
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